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Mobile sporting event social castingA tradition of excellence defines the Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships. Each year sees the arrival of exceptional athletes and 2013 should prove no different. Boys and girls will gather at the McLeod Athletic Park, impressing spectators with both their skills and their camaraderie. 
Every youth deserves to compete--just as every youth deserves to be recognized online.

Creating a Virtual Experience: Social Casting 

The Legion Championship is a collection of iron wills and sportsmanship. Social casting celebrates this.
Defined simply, social casting is the utilization of online media outlets (such as niche networks, image galleries and blogs) to connect to a specific audience. The intention is to both entertain and educate. Applying this process to the Legion Championship enables individuals to now follow their favorite athletes and events, as well as discover other fans. Dialogues are started; data is shared; and the result is a growing awareness of what the National Youth Track and Field games offer.
Building The Team Brand
Every athlete should be credited for his or her accomplishments. Social casting allows this to happen... by building team brands.
Each team participating in the 2013 Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships will receive support from social media tools: all meant to increase audiences, deliver data and highlight events. 
It is estimated that forty-four percent of individuals rely on search engines and networks for information. Social casting simply helps those individuals learn about the Legion games more efficiently. 
Using Social Media Tools
The social casting process adapts easily to athletics. Integrated media tools ensure that every team garners recognition. These tools include:
Member Profiles: each athlete, relative and team sponsor receives a member profile. These profiles blend blogging and imagery, saturating the Internet with data and inspiring increased traffic. 

Athletes' Profiles - Meet the Athletes, read their profiles, see their image galleries viwe their blogs here in their own social network.
Multiple Networks: each member profile is instantly integrated into established networks (such as Facebook or Twitter) to reach a wide audience. Private networks, however, are also available to provide niche marketing.
Automated Content: search engine optimization (SEO) elevates content within engines, raising ranks and drawing traffic. Sports fans, sponsors and more can now quickly seek out what they need.
Embracing Social Media
The 2014 Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships is certain to impress: both at McLeod Park and online. 

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