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Subject: 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships Candlelight Tribute
(Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 10:12AM by Megan Hooge) Tags:

Candlelight Tribute
Honoring Military Valour and Sacrifice

Date               Monday, August 12, 2013
Time               5:30 PM
Location        Trinity Western University
Setting           Banquet Area in front of Memorial
                         National War Memorial (replica)
Setting           Grass area outside Banquet area
Officials       Gordon Moore, Legion Dominion President
                        Ed Pigeau, Legion Dominion Sports Chair
                        Karen Crashley, BC/Yukon Legion President
                        Ladies’ Auxiliary                                              

Special Guests

To be determined – If George Derby Veterans are there they will participate


Outside on the grass area the words “Thank You” and “Merci” will be laid out by tape and candles will form the words.
The candles will be lit in late afternoon ready for the arrival of Banquet guests.
Inside by the replica, the Top Male Athlete and the Top Female will participate with Gordon Moore and Karen Crashley in a symbolic passing of the Torch of Remembrance.
The speaking part will be done by the Master of Ceremonies explaining the symbolism. A script will be written.
Gordon Moore and Karen Crashley will pass a candle to the two Youth Athletes who will place the candles by the Memorial.
As this is happening, Ed Pigeau will cite the Act of Remembrance.

For more information about the Championships, please visit

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