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Subject: Discover Langley During The Youth Track And Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 5, 2014 at 10:29AM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

langley township bc mapThe 2014 Youth Track and Field Championships will soon arrive, but those visiting the Langley area will be greeted by more than javelin poles and hurdles. The town also offers diverse - and exciting - activities.

Langley sits within the Fraser Valley, a collection of berry fields, delta dips and orchard acres. This, along with the mild climate, promises a picturesque setting throughout the year.

Those arriving in Langley for the 2014 Legion Nationals, however, won’t just enjoy the scenery. Instead they'll be able to sample many exhilarating attractions. These include:

Brae Island Regional Park
The Greater Vancouver Zoo
The Langley Flying School
Sundance Balloon Tours
Nicomeki River Park
The Fort to Fort Trail
Milner Downs Equestrian Centre

Langley allows visitors to immerse themselves in fun and nature. Spare some time to enjoy the township’s many attractions while preparing for the 2014 Youth Track and Field Championships.

To learn more about Langley contact

To learn more about the Legion Nationals use these hash-tags: #YOtrack and #legiontrack.

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