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Subject: How Did The National Track And Field Championships Begin?
(Posted on Jul 27, 2014 at 06:14AM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

legion nationals canada historyIn 1914 the world was reeling. War had come, starting with the echo of a bullet in Bosnia and spreading to the corners of Europe, Africa and North America. A global crises was occurring, and soldiers were called from every corner to rally against it. 

Canada was not exempt from this call, and families soon felt the burden of missing fathers and work-bound mothers. Relief was needed.

It came in the form of the Legion Nationals.

The Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships were intended - originally - as a distraction, offering boys and girls the chance to become exceptional. They celebrated athleticism and provided a happy contrast to the horrors of World War I. Every event proved vital in the development of an entire generation.

A century later the Legion Nationals still maintain a strong presence in Canada. They allow young athletes the chance to showcase their talents, continuing a tradition of strength, speed and determination.

What started as a wartime necessity has become a source of pride - and is grateful to be part of it.

To learn more about the Youth Track and Field Championships contact Ask us also how to get involved with the upcoming 2014 games.

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