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Subject: Join The 2014 Legion Nationals Social-Casting Team!
(Posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 07:19AM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

2014 legion nationals volunteersThe 2014 Legion Nationals aren’t just for Canada’s best athletes. These games are instead for social-casters!

Join the social-casting team and help us promote the Youth Track and Field Championships.

As the events unfold will ask volunteers to conduct important interviews, live-stream videos and seek out the top stories! We want dedicated - and experienced - individuals to cover the Legion Nationals, working in tangent with Shaw TV, Joy TV and more!

The efforts of these volunteers will then be posted on the site, as well as hundreds of social media networks. This will saturate the Internet with Legion news and inspire the next generation of athletes.

To learn more about the social-casting team click here.

Sign up now and shape 2014 Legion Nationals!

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