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Subject: Build Your 2014 Legion Nationals Championship Profile Today!
(Posted on Jul 22, 2014 at 12:26PM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

2014 legion nationals bcThe path to the podium is a long one - and lets every athlete now share that path with the world. Create a championship profile!

The championship profile is an exclusive feature, allowing participants of the 2014 Legion Nationals to showcase their stories and their glories. Upload relevant information - such as event histories, notable wins, province representations, records and more - into a fully integrated account.

That account can then be filled with photos, videos and even social feeds! This creates an individualized - and unique - hub for all athletes, highlighting their particular talents and abilities.

And that proves essential for sponsors, who can access the information through search engines, media networks and other social touch-points. This allows them to find the boys and girls they wish to partner with, creating connections that will last a lifetime. The championship profile serves as an introduction to the online world - and that brings real-world results!

Click here to begin building a 2014 Legion Nationals profile. Be sure to take advantage of the many available tutorial options as well to learn how to fully optimize the information.

Contact with any questions or comments!

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