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Subject: Prepares For The 2014 National Youth Track And Field Championships
(Posted on Jul 21, 2014 at 11:16AM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

2014 national youth track and field championships bcAthleticism runs deep within Canada’s history. The years have seen the rise of astounding men and women, all defined by fierce determination and fiercer pride. They have been competitors and champions, with their contributions noted on and off the podium.

And they share a common beginning: the Legion Nationals!

The Youth Track and Field Championships brings together the country’s finest athletes, allowing them to perform at the highest levels and achieve acclaim. The 2014 games will be no exception - and is proud to serve as their official website and social portal. is the connection point between athletes and alumni. It utilizes a variety of tools - such as integrated media feeds, individualized profiles and private image galleries - to promote the games; and it showcases every youth, helping them earn the recognition they deserve from search engines and sponsors alike.

This isn’t just about highlighting the events. It’s about highlighting the players.

Visit as it provides extensive coverage of the 2014 Legion Nationals and its many participants!

Join our mailing list for daily updates or build a championship profile to reap the site’s full rewards!

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