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Subject: MU18 Octathlon Final Results 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 11, 2013 at 03:13PM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

The athletes in the Male U18 Octathlon competed in 8 events:

1. 100m Dash

2. Long Jump

3. Shot Put

4. 400m Dash

5. 110m Hurdles

6. High Jump

7. Javelin

8. 1000m Dash

Here are the final results for the Mens' U18 Octathlon.

Competitors                     Team                        Results

1. Leaugen Fray             Ontario                          5354 pts  
2. Kayden Johnson        Saskatchewan             5351 pts 
3. Chad Enns                   Manitoba/NWOnt       5251 pts 
4. Ben Fowler                  New Brunswick          5077 pts
5. Zack Lakeit                  The Speed AC               4384 pts
6. Brayden Posyluzny    Alberta/NWT               4638 pts

For more information about the athletes, the events, and the Championships, please visit

Results Courtesy of Athletics Canada

Photo Credits: Mallory Donen Photography

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