After 73 years in the Shadows, The Royal Canadian Legion Goes Global & Harnesses Social, Search and Mobile with Youth Track and Field Championships

As the business of sports and entertainment converge, attracting visibility to sporting events both professional and non-professional are becoming more dependent on different forms of media for promotion and visibility.

OneBigBroadcast (OBB) is honored to deliver the world’s first private socially integrated member portal to the athletes and families of the 2013 & 2014 Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships to be held in Langley, British Columbia.  Sanctioned and officiated by Athletics Canada, 1,000 young men and women from across Canada will compete in the only national championships for the age group 12 – 17 years.  

For ten days they: train with professional coaches; compete in a national competition; participate in citizenship activities and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.  This is the first venue for Athletics Canada to view Canada's upcoming cadre of recruits for its Olympic teams.

The OBB private social networking platform will enable the athletes to create their own profiles and share their individual stories, while allowing for integrated control over published content through the platform’s directorial functions.

The personal, socially integrated content developed by the participating athletes will be broadcasted through the athletes’ respective social sites and to other T&F clubs globally, fostering community and awareness about this important athletic event and ultimately attracting search back to the Young Olympians site ( and
In addition to building awareness and support for some of the world’s most promising athletes, the platform’s social casting tools will be used to capture and broadcast the excitement of the annual Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships in real time. One Big Broadcast will be working in conjunction with Shaw Media and JoyTV (a Vision Network Channel) to execute joint communications, social casting and media for this event.  Sponsors will have access to their own branded content marketing and social automation tools as well to help raise visibility for their brands and the event.

Athletes, Alumni, Family & Sponsor Social Marketing Toolbox

All of our members will gain access to content marketing tools, blog engines that allow you to harness social from one spot, galleries to tap Pinterest and your own visual stories. We provide training in best practices, exclusive community events and a growing list of online tools to help build their stories about the event and halp attract visbility and long term value..

At OneBigBroadcast we are all thrilled for the opportunity to be involved in this noble event, and for the chance to showcase both the incredible athletic talent and the generosity of The Royal Canadian Legion through this state-of-the- art private social networking platform.

Steven Arsenault

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