What Is Social Casting?

A team is more than just a group of highly skilled--and highly motivated--athletes. Instead it’s a collection of sponsors and supporters, fans and managers. Individuals come together to win, and this goal forms a bond that can’t be denied.

Translating that bond to the virtual world was once a challenge. Social casting, however, now makes it easy.

Social casting, defined simply, is the process of using media outlets (like blogs, private forums and image galleries) to promote ideas or events. It utilizes networking as a way to share data and encourage communication.

Applying it to athletics is now possible... and strongly recommended (using a social automation platform like this one).

The value of social casting is in the way it allows individuals to connect. Athletes, sports fans and more can now instantly access--and discuss--information. Every play can be examined, dissected and debated. This not only increases awareness for specific teams (with media outlets offering statistics, analysis and more). Instead it enhances the way online users experience their favorite events.

They read; they collaborate; they interact; they learn.

Social casting transforms sports - and we've created the social enabling tools for athletes, supporters and sponsors to make their mark from this platform.

To find out more about the power of social casting click here to read about how we at OneBigBroadcast.com are changing the sport social casting world!

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