The Path to your Podium

In the age of self-promotion, gathering and sharing with the ‘many’ creates a unique marque. As an athlete, nurtured through your team members, friends, family and competitors you collect relationships across the globe and rely on social media, hoping to gain recognition with every upload, download and viral feed. You’re no exception to this rule. You’re instead the reason for it.
As a dedicated athlete you deserve full exposure, catching the attention of sponsors, supporters and even your fellow competitors. One Big Broadcast can provide that exposure: ensuring that every social step leads you closer to the podium.


Developed for the Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships By One Big Broadcast
The Benefits of One Big Broadcast (OBB)

One Big Broadcast delivers a fully immersive - and integrated - experience for every athlete. We give you the tools to succeed online, offering total connectivity.
Let’s begin building your championship profile today!

We've created two ways to help you get up and running faster:

1. View our short video below giving you a quick method to create and manage your profile.

2. We've created a detailed quide located here:

One Big Broadcast utilizes an automated blogging system, allowing athletes to quickly upload content. Let us show you how it works!
  • HTML Interfacing: content creation has never been so simple. All blogs feature basic HTML structuring, allowing users to easily input information.
  •  Image Support: a picture is worth a thousand words - so why not add one to every entry? Image Support allows users to insert photos (whether from their private galleries or from outside sources) onto every post. 
  • Video Support: capture the thrill of every game with digital media. Video Support allows users to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into every blog.
  •  Social Integration: saturate the Internet with event coverage. Every blog is connected to Social APIs, which automatically filter content to media networks and search engines. 
  • Optimization: posting content isn’t enough. It instead needs to be optimized. Every blog is embedded with search tools, including keyword tagging, GEO-tagging and heading tagging. These applications work together to elevate every entry, gaining the top positions on search engines and networks alike.
We've created a comprehensive Blog How To Guide and Tutorial loacted here:

3. Check out this video about the Image Gallery and how to insert photos.

4. Check out this video about the search functions found within the Profile tool.

Why This Process Is Important
Media exposure is crucial for every athlete - including you. It allows you to promote your successes, delivering information to potential sponsors, promoters and more. By controlling your content you control your destiny.
And the path to the podium becomes far less daunting.
Join the One Big Broadcast movement! Shape your content and your brand!

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