The Path to the Podium

It’s the age of self-promotion. Individuals across the globe rely on social media, hoping to gain recognition with every upload, download and viral feed. You’re no exception to this rule. You’re instead the reason for it.

As a dedicated athlete you deserve full exposure, catching the attention of sponsors, supporters and even your fellow competitors. One Big Broadcast can provide that exposure: ensuring that every social step leads you closer to the podium.

The Benefits of One Big Broadcast

One Big Broadcast delivers a fully immersive - and fully automated - experience for every athlete. We give you the tools to succeed online, offering total connectivity. Let’s build your brand today!

Member Profiles: create and maintain a personal profile, showcasing every event and victory.

Member Blogs: create and maintain a personal blog. Share images, videos and more.

Member Networks: communicate with your fellow athletes through private member networks. Gain access to their personal content with the push of a button.

Real Time Coverage: generate interest for every event with real time coverage. One Big Broadcast is a streaming platform, allowing you to effortlessly upload content from any location. Take advantage of integrated photo galleries, video support and even smartphone compatibility during every game. Post images, blogs and digital feeds with ease.

Social Following: develop a social following by utilizing One Broadcast’s Central Management System. This cloud-powered console automatically links your content to over 130 social sites, including: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This ensures consistent media exposure, helping you to achieve notoriety.

With these tools you can promote yourself and your sport. Let our system propel your content through every search engine and social feed, attracting the audience that matters most.

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