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To Those Who Have Been There Since Day One

As the weekend draws to a close, we must remember to thank those have helped nuture these young athletes. The natural talent and dedication of each athlete showed throughout the weekend, but we have to acknowledge those working behind the scenes as well.

To all the parents, siblings, guardians, coaches and friends, who work tirelessly around the clock, these competitors would not be here today if it wasn't for you. To those who have given countless rides over the years, those who have spent years coaching, those who have washed load after load of sportswear and those who have given unconditional support when times got tough, be proud of what these young athletes accomplished. 

Thank You

Subject: Day 3 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 11, 2013 at 11:00AM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

Rainy Langley - Day 3

It's been a chilly morning, but the athletes aren't letting that get them down. Although the rain came down hard during the Pentathlon Hurdles, and created a wet track for the subsequent 300m Hurdles, our Young Olympians have still been giving 100%. Or 110%. They've been giving it all is what I am trying to say.

   Wet Conditions on the Track - Day 3

It's been a fun weekend to date, and I'm really looking forward to the final day's events. I will personally be keeping an eye on the Men's and Women's Steeple Case races that will get undeway just after 2pm, because who doesn't love a good Steeple Chase?

Subject: Quebec - 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 03:55PM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

Salut a nous amis de l'Est!

S'il vous plait m'excuser pour manquer les accents! Je ne sais pas comment les mettres sur mon ordinateur portable!

Ca fait longtemps je n'ai pas ecrive en francais. Je crois qu'il y auras beacoup des erreurs. Mais, comme Legion, il n'y est pas importante gagner l'Or ou ecriver proprement, on juste dois essayer!

  Vas-y Vargas!

  Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

  L'equipe des gars

  Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

  L'ORRRRRRRRRRR - Marek Adamowicz

  Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

  Saute! - Annabelle Periard

  Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

Pour information de les athletes, evenements ou Le Chapionnat, visite

Subject: Medal Ceremony 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 02:48PM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

Medal Ceremonies - Friday, August 9

We have seen some of the greatest young Canadian atheletes participate in The Championships. We wish we could hand out medals to everyone, but it seems that only the top 3 in each event receive them. Here are some of our young Canadian medal winners!


  Alex Rawding - U18 Men's Discus Throw                                                                                    

   Photo Credit: Dipidro Sports Photography

  U16 Girls 80m Hurdles -  Chicago Bains (Gold), Calli-Ann Abbott (Silver), Mia Hall (Bronze)

   Photo Credit: Dipidro Sports Photography

  Para-Athletics 100m Mixed - Eddy Solla

   Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

  U18 Men's 4x100 Relay Open Branch - Chris Miller, Tyrell Paul, Logan Jones, Nicholas Palomino

   Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

  U18 Women's 4x100 Relay Open Branch - Tegan Turner, Tyra Duma, Giselle Dela Merced, Robyn Wear

   Photo Credit: Mallory Donen Photography

Good looking group of future olympians!

For information on events, athletes and The Championships, please visit

Subject: Day 2 Morning 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 11:36AM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

Good Morning - Day 2


After yesterday's full day of events, it was important that I get a full night's sleep. Well I didn't, but coffee will fix that! Let's hope the athletes got some rest, as Saturday is full of events from both Track & Field. Personally, I'm looking forward to the Long Jump and 400m run today. 

   Saturday morning overcast

There's a bit of an overcast to start the day, however I'm sure those competing in the 3000m speed-walk wouldn't mind cooler weather than yesterday. Here's looking forward to another great day at McLeod Athletic Park!

Aussi, salut à nos amis du Québec! 


Subject: Track Events at 2013 National Youth Track and Field Championships
(Posted on Aug 9, 2013 at 05:51PM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

First Day of Track and Field - Prequel to Opening Ceremonies

The first day's competitions have almost wrapped up, and we've seen some of the country's finest young athletes compete. The local stars from Team BC/Yukon have had the crowd behind their back all day, although a strong argument could be made for Team Alberta/NWT having the loudest fans!

   Crowds gathering at 10am

Tonight's Opening Ceremonies will get underway at 7:30. Although not conventional in timing, everyone here is excited to start the festivities! Follow my blog as I will post a few shots of the athletes walking out tonight.

   Warming up for tonight's Opening Ceremonies

Subject: 2013 Nation Youth Track and Field Championship
(Posted on Aug 9, 2013 at 11:12AM by Ashkon Nowtash) Tags:

Hello from the Langley, B.C!

So far it's been a great opening day for the Legion National Youth Track and Field Championship. The morning has been jam packed with 100m Hurdle preliminaries, as both Male and Female heats have taken place.

   Warming up for the 100m Hurdles

Follow my live-blogging throughout the weekend, and don't forget to check for updates and results



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