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Subject: Intergenerational Activism, Social Technologies & Young Olympians
(Posted on Sep 3, 2013 at 11:40AM by Ted Stout) Tags:
To my friends, colleagues and supporters of youth sports in Canada,

Across the span of human cultures, people have attempted many paths to enduring dialog between the generations, and how that would foster more sustainable cohesion within families and communities, and the knowledge they generate.
There will always be chasms between the ages, driven by shifting combinations of values each strongly holds, and in many cases loose through their hubris. It is that lose that brings deafening silences between the generations, lasting sometimes for decades.  This is where we misplace studied vision of how the world works, and an understanding of FACT vs. truthiness.  This is where we forget wisdom and story and example and building resilient human beings.

Words, Deeds & Trust This is where we must begin again, to find the joy of sharing and family and community.  I know from my own life, and the two fine gentlemen, my grandfather’s who taught me so much of how the world works. They taught me about what motivates people, and how to find options and choices and how to take decisions.
I found from my own work in economic and community development – from Asia to Texas to Ontario to Barcelona – that the healthiest communities embrace all generations, and help stabilize economic unity, growth, wealth creation and better quality of life. This is where companies invest for long term, due mostly to the values inherent in such places.

A Modest Experiment – The 2013 & 2014 Youth Championships Let me share with you what we are attempting to achieve in this first year of the Legion Track & Field Championships in British Columbia.  This year’s event is a test bed for a number of ways we can restart Intergenerational Activism with conversations and relationships, which build trust and give guidance.
One effort, which has already yielded success, is the Championship Alumni project.  The CAP, as it is called is an initiative undertaken by the Championships LAC (Local Arrangements Committee), CARP A New Vision of Aging for Canada, and Athletics Canada for the 2013 & 2014 Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships.  It includes the establishment of an On-line Athletes and Alumni Depository to capture those sports stories never told over the past century about many Canadian athletes, and the messages and life stories they can give to this generation.

Each former athlete is compiling their history as a “Championship Profiles” at, capturing: Profiles; Achievements; Testimonials; Pictures; Video; and Stories never told previously.

For this year’s 1,000 competing athletes (ages 14-17) and officials, they will also use the Championship Profile process, and each will be given their own social media platform – a “YOpage” (for “Young Olympians”) - which holds all of their personal competition data and information, such as their own Google Image Gallery that can be share with their friends and family no matter where in they are in the world.  They will also have at their fingertips a set of sophisticated social automation tools such as blogs, YouTube and, most importantly collaboration apparatus to reach the world with their stories and ideas.

Once you register in the CAP and begin using the YOpage tools, you reach across generations and the world, reading stories and finding new friends and mentors.  Your personal  platform belongs to you for the rest of your career.  Some have added not just sports competition information, but their academic credentials as well.
The platforms are totally secure, with 3-level encryption for the registered user only.  The public profile will only show specific information, which can be used to find and sort people by sport, province, etc.:
  • Name and region
  • Public Picture
  • Age (no birth date)
  • Sport/events competing in
  • Their story
Once a nexus is made, it’s up to the users to share and collaborate with their tools and content.  These two programs, the CAP and YOpage Championship Platforms have never been used in large youth, sporting events previously.

Telling the Intergenerational Stories Social-Casters will provide a small group of facilitators and editors to tell these stories from across the last century up to today’s competition.  These stories will be front and centre to push the cross-generational discussions, using not only story telling between the events, but through a series of interviews to be shown on Shaw TV and JOYTV10, as well as a two hour special by Shaw.

We don’t expect a tsunami of activity, but as I mentioned previously, we have already seen more success than we thought possible in the first year. We will maintain this experiment through 2014, and observe how individuals and generations respond.

This is why I want to encourage all of you, of all ages to engage on all fronts, hedging the various age demographics closer to a real Intergenerational Activism, reinforcing communities and families, and in this case with Track & Field as a unifying factor.  Most importantly, the future does not belong to us; we can only share in its formation, and it’s successful viability with what we have learned, and wish to impart.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:ted:Documents:2011_TBS Headshot Lighting.jpgSee you On-Line at or On the Field at the Championships in August

Ted Stout
Director Special Projects, Partnerships & Sponsors
Executive Producer ONEBIGBROADCAST
Resiliency & Adaptation Economist

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