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As the official host for the 2013 and 2014 Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Canadian youth striving for excellence ~ national competition of the highest standard ~ professional training and coaching clinics ~ Veterans and youth engaging in Acts of Remembrance ~ and the Legion doing what it does best, community service ~ these are all aspects of the renowned Championships.

And what would the Championships be without the countless volunteer hours dedicated by Canada’s track & field clubs, coaches, officials and chaperones. The success of the Championships is reflected through this passionate volunteer service and is really a testament to our collaborative commitment to Canada’s youth in generations past, present and future.

The Ladies Auxiliary at Work in the Community
“Service for Others”

The Ladies’ charitable and philanthropic community service is beyond compare, never wavering and dedicated to improving the quality of life for fellow citizens. Quietly, behind the scenes and with great humility, the annual charitable work of the Ladies Auxiliary has significant community impact.


1921 - Capetown, South Africa the British Empire Service League (B.E.S.L.) was established as a service organization to represent the interests of Veterans and their families.

1925 - B.E.S.L. Field Marshal Earl Haig visited Toronto urging the 26 Canadian Veterans Organizations to join together for the common good of Veterans. One of these organizations, the Great War Veteran’s Association, also had Women’s Auxiliaries. In November of this year in Winnipeg, 25 of the 26 formed The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) while the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Organization remained independent.

1926 - RCL Provincial Commands and community Legion Branches were established and the first reference of Women’s Auxiliaries stated...

“...Apart from the common inspiration of mutual war service, one of the greatest sustaining factors of the War Veterans’ Organizations in Canada has been the Women’s Auxiliaries of local branches. Wherever there has been found to be a strong, healthy local organized unit, almost invariably there has been a parallel organization comprised principally of the wives, mothers, sisters, and sweethearts of the Veterans. When enthusiasm among men was inclined to lag, the ladies usually supplied the necessary inspiration to sustain activities...the Women’s Auxiliaries have always been an invaluable adjunct to the local branch...”

1926 – Cowichan Legion Branch was the first recorded formation of a Ladies Auxiliary in British Columbia.

1927 – RCL Pacific Command adopts a convention resolution to form a provincial Ladies’ Auxiliary. Elected officers included: Mrs. N. Leavy, President; Mrs. M. Harris, Secretary; and Mrs. D. McLennan, Treasurer. 21 BC Ladies’ Auxiliaries with 9 Zones were established.

1928 – 179 Ladies’ Auxiliaries established in Canada with 26 in British Columbia.

1929 – July 22 official Charter issued for the Ladies’ Auxiliary to Pacific Command of The Royal Canadian Legion.

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