Competition and Camaraderie

The Legion National Youth Track & Field Championship is an opportunity of a lifetime
for young Canadians. Young athletes from different parts of the country and from
diverse backgrounds come together for spirited competition and discover new, lasting

Competition and camaraderie is embodied in the official Athletes’Ottawa participant Oath:

“...On behalf of all athletes assembled here, we promise we will take part in the Legion Nationals in a spirit of pure competition and fair play, for the honour of
our country, for the glory of sport and in remembrance of those whose sacrifices have made this possible...”

Canada’s Young Olympians will:
  • benefit from rigorous training
  • strive for personal bests with tenacity, strength and endurance
  • vie for prominence among vigorous provincial team competition
  • earn admiration and respect
  • enjoy enduring friendships

Celebrate these days of your youth, as they will bring you great joy as time passes.

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