“The Legion has sponsored thousands of Canadian athletes to reach their potential. As a result the majority of Canadian Olympic Track & Field athletes have either passed through this program or have been directly influenced by it. National and provincial athletic associations have described the event as one of the best in the country.”
Gordon Moore
Dominion President
The Royal Canadian Legion

1921 - Capetown, South Africa the British Empire Service League (B.E.S.L.) was established as a service organization to represent the interests of Veterans and their families.

1925 - B.E.S.L. Field Marshal Earl Haig visited Toronto urging the 26 Canadian Veterans Organizations to join together for the common good of Veterans. One of these organizations, the Great War Veteran’s Association, also had Women’s Auxiliaries. In November of this year in Winnipeg, 25 of the 26 formed The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) while the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Organization remained independent.

1926 - the Legion is Canada’s largest Veterans service organization with more than 320,000 members.

The Legion’s mission is to:
  •  serve all Veterans including serving military Forces and RCMP members, and their families;
  •  promote the legacy of Remembrance; and
  •  to serve our communities and our country.

The Legion at Work in the Community

The Legion’s community service is beyond compare, never wavering and dedicated to improving the quality of life for fellow citizens. Quietly, behind the scenes and with great humility, the work of Legionnaires and the Ladies Auxiliary has significant community impact:

  •  $3,300,000 devoted to youth leadership and development programs with 283,054 dedicated volunteer hours;
  •  $2,100,000 direct support for Veterans and their families with 710,180 dedicated volunteer hours;
  •  $1,500,000 sponsorship for a multitude of seniors programs with 356,928 dedicated volunteer hours;
  •  $259,000,000 invested in affordable and assisted housing with in excess of 10,000 units;
  •  $6,500,000 dedicated to community charities with 197,707 dedicated volunteer hours; and
The list goes on ~ the Legion ~ more than you think.

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